What led to Suchana Sheth’s Killing of His 4-Year Son?

Suchana Seth is the chief executive officer (CEO) of an artificial intelligence start-up with a net worth of 10-20 crore. She was living in Bengaluru.


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Suchana, originally from Chennai, began her academic journey on a positive note. She actively participated in various activities and performed exceptionally well in her studies at DAV Girls Senior Secondary School. After finishing school, she pursued a B.Sc. in Physics, with additional subjects in Mathematics and Computer Science, and graduated with top honors. Continuing her educational pursuits, she earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Sanskrit and completed an M.Sc. in Physics, specializing in Plasma Physics with Astrophysics.

Allegations made on Suchana

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On January 9, 2024, a harrowing incident unfolded in Goa, leading to the arrest of Suchana Seth on charges of allegedly causing the death of her four-year-old son. The distressing sequence of events began when she checked into a rented apartment in North Goa. Alarmed by the discovery of bloodstains on a towel and the absence of her son, the staff promptly contacted the police.

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Attempting to flee, Suchana left for Bengaluru by taxi, asserting her son was safe with a friend in Margao town. However, a thorough investigation exposed the deception. The police traced her taxi journey to Chitradurga district in Karnataka, where the lifeless body of her child was tragically found in her bag. In response to this heartbreaking discovery, authorities secured a transit remand to bring Suchana back to Goa.

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The sequence of events unfolded tragically:

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  1. Suchana checked into a rented apartment in North Goa.
  2. Staff discovered bloodstains and reported her missing son, prompting police involvement.
  3. Suchana left for Bengaluru by taxi, claiming her son was with a friend in Margao, but investigations revealed false information
  4. Police traced her taxi journey to Chitradurga district in Karnataka, where her child’s body was found in her bag.
  5. Authorities obtained a transit remand to bring Suchana back to Goa after this grim discovery.
  6. AFTER THAT, Police visited her company’s listed address, finding a co-working space instead of a specific office.
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Was the Murder planned?

Many people are talking about the latest post on her Instagram account that her son is playing with fish and in the caption it is written #whatwillhappen.

Where is the child’s Father?

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Venkatraman PR, the father of the tragic incident, originally from Kerala and settled in Indonesia, hurried to Bengaluru and then traveled to Chitradurga to complete the necessary formalities and undergo a post-mortem examination for his son. Following the post-mortem in Hiriyur, Chitradurga district, Venkatraman brought his son’s body to an apartment in Bengaluru for the initial rituals. Subsequently, they transported the child’s body to Harishchandra Ghat at Rajaji Nagar, where Raman, the father, conducted the final rites.

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