The 48 Laws of Power-Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally

Advocates for decisiveness and ensuring complete victory over adversaries.


Law 15 of the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene is a provocative yet profound principle that emphasizes the importance of decisiveness and uncompromising action in achieving victory over adversaries. In this article, we delve into the essence of Law 15 and explore its applications in various contexts.

Law 15 states, “Crush your enemy totally,” advocating for the eradication of opposition to ensure absolute supremacy. It underscores the ruthless nature of power dynamics and the necessity of eliminating threats decisively.

Understanding Law 15

To grasp the essence of Law 15, one must acknowledge its historical significance and relevance in contemporary scenarios. From ancient warfare to modern-day politics and business, the principle remains pertinent in strategic maneuvering.

Law 15, “Crush Your Enemy Totally,” from Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power, emphasizes the importance of decisiveness and ensuring complete victory over adversaries. It advises against showing mercy or leaving room for potential retaliation by eliminating threats entirely. This principle finds application in various fields, from warfare to business and personal interactions, where neutralizing opposition is crucial for maintaining power and achieving strategic objectives

Examples of Application

Numerous historical and contemporary examples illustrate the implementation of Law 15. From military conquests to corporate takeovers, decisive actions have often determined the outcome of conflicts.

Law 15, “Crush Your Enemy Totally,” has been applied in various contexts throughout history and in contemporary times:

  1. Military Conquests: Throughout history, military leaders have implemented Law 15 to secure decisive victories in battles and wars. Examples include Alexander the Great’s conquests, where he strategically crushed opposing forces to establish his empire.
  2. Corporate Takeovers: In the business world, Law 15 finds application in hostile takeovers and mergers, where companies aim to eliminate competition or gain dominance in their industry. For instance, the acquisition strategies employed by companies like Facebook and Google demonstrate the ruthless pursuit of market control.
  3. Political Maneuvering: Law 15 is evident in political strategies to neutralize opponents and consolidate power. Leaders often employ tactics to discredit rivals or suppress dissent to maintain control over governance and policymaking.
  4. Sports Competitions: In sports, athletes, and teams leverage Law 15 to dominate their competitors. Strategies such as aggressive gameplay, psychological warfare, and strategic planning reflect the principle of crushing the opponent completely.

Benefits of Implementation

Implementing Law 15 can yield various benefits, including neutralizing threats, consolidating power, and deterring future challenges. By crushing adversaries completely, one establishes dominance and instills fear in potential rivals.

Implementing Law 15, “Crush Your Enemy Totally,” can yield several benefits:

  1. Neutralizing Threats: By decisively eliminating adversaries, individuals or entities can neutralize potential threats to their objectives or interests.
  2. Consolidating Power: Crushing enemies completely can consolidate power and control, allowing for greater influence and authority over a given situation or domain.
  3. Deterring Future Challenges: The display of overwhelming force and determination can serve as a deterrent to future challenges or opposition, discouraging others from attempting to undermine one’s position.
  4. Establishing Dominance: By demonstrating superiority and dominance through decisive action, individuals or entities can establish themselves as formidable forces, commanding respect and obedience.
  5. Instilling Fear: The ruthless execution of Law 15 instills fear in potential rivals or adversaries, dissuading them from challenging or opposing one’s interests.

Potential Pitfalls

While Law 15 offers a compelling strategy for achieving victory, its ruthless nature raises ethical concerns. Overzealous application may lead to resentment, retaliation, or unintended consequences, necessitating caution and discretion.

While Law 15, “Crush Your Enemy Totally,” presents a seductive path to victory, its ruthless ethos harbors significant ethical dilemmas. Overzealous adherence to this law risks fueling resentment among those impacted, fostering long-standing animosity, and perpetuating conflict. Moreover, the complete annihilation of adversaries may invite retaliation, escalating tensions and prolonging hostilities.

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