Father and Son Arrested for Attempting Murder in Thane: After Dispute Over Extra Banana

In an alarming event in Thane, Maharashtra, a trivial dispute over a banana escalated into a violent altercation, leading to the arrest of a father and his son. This incident, which unfolded on May 19, 2024, highlights the potential for everyday disagreements to spiral into serious confrontations.

Details of the Confrontation

The incident began when a 27-year-old man, who earns his living by decorating wedding venues, and his friend visited a street vendor in Bhiwandi to purchase bananas. They bought a dozen bananas and paid for them as agreed. However, after the transaction, the man’s friend took an extra banana from the vendor’s basket without immediately offering payment. This seemingly minor act triggered a heated argument between the customers and the vendors. Despite the friend’s attempt to resolve the issue by offering to pay for the additional banana, the situation quickly escalated. The vendors, a father and his son, reacted aggressively.

In a fit of anger, they grabbed iron rods and violently attacked the two customers. The assault was brutal, leaving both victims severely injured and deeply traumatized. The severity of the attack underscores how a trivial dispute over a piece of fruit can spiral out of control, leading to significant physical and emotional harm for those involved. The incident is a stark reminder of the potential consequences of such confrontations, highlighting the importance of restraint and effective conflict resolution.

Legal Proceedings and Charges

Following the violent confrontation, one of the victims lodged a complaint at the Narpol police station. Based on this complaint, the police swiftly acted and arrested the two vendors on charges of attempted murder and other related offenses.

The accused have been charged under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including:

  • Section 307: Attempt to murder
  • Section 323: Voluntarily causing hurt
  • Section 504: Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace
  • Section 506: Criminal intimidation

These charges reflect the serious nature of the incident and the legal repercussions of such violent behavior.

Community Reaction and Safety Concerns

The incident has sparked widespread outrage within the local community. Many residents are appalled by the severity of the vendors’ response to what was essentially a minor dispute over an extra banana. This disproportionate reaction, involving the use of iron rods to assault customers, has led to calls for stricter regulations and enforcement to prevent such violent occurrences in the future. Community members are demanding more robust measures to ensure that minor disagreements do not escalate into violent confrontations that endanger lives.

In response to the public outcry, local authorities have taken steps to address the situation and enhance security in the area. They have promised to increase police patrols, ensuring a more visible law enforcement presence that can deter potential conflicts and intervene quickly when necessary. Additionally, they are implementing community awareness programs aimed at educating residents about conflict resolution and the importance of maintaining peace. These programs are designed to foster better understanding and cooperation between vendors and customers, reducing the likelihood of such incidents reoccurring. Authorities are also engaging with community leaders to develop strategies that promote safety and prevent violence, demonstrating a commitment to addressing the concerns of the residents and restoring a sense of security in the community.


The Thane banana dispute serves as a stark reminder of how quickly conflicts can escalate into violence. It underscores the importance of conflict resolution and the role of law enforcement in maintaining public order. The swift action taken by the police in arresting the perpetrators sends a strong message about the consequences of violent behavior.

By focusing on the facts and providing a detailed account of the incident, this article aims to inform the public and contribute to a safer, more aware community.

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