China Population Drops 2024: Low Birth rate record.

China experienced a population decline for the second consecutive year in 2023, with the total number of people falling by 2.08 million to 1.410 billion. This decline is attributed to a sharp decline in births and record-low birth rates. The COVID-19 pandemic and strict lockdown also contributed to the wave of deaths, taking a toll on the population. The country’s workforce in the 16 to 59 age group is expected to decrease by 10.75 million by 2022.

China’s population saw a significant decline in 2024, marked by a record-low birth rate. New births fell 5.7% to 9.02 million, with the birth rate hitting a record low of 6.39 births per 1,000 people, down from 6.77 births in 2022.

Projections indicate that if current trends continue, China’s population could fall below 1 billion by 2080 and below 800 million by 2100. This decline has raised concerns about the country’s demographic outlook and its potential long-term impacts. Despite efforts to ease family planning restrictions and encourage childbearing, factors such as changing social norms, economic pressures, and rising costs of child-rearing are contributing to declining birth rates. As China grapples with the challenges posed by a growing population and shrinking workforce, policymakers face the difficult task of addressing this demographic shift and implementing measures to ensure sustainable growth in the years to come.

China’s population experienced a second consecutive year of decline in 2023, with the birth rate also reaching a record low. Several contributing factors include:

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  • High Childcare and Education Costs: The increasing costs associated with childcare and education in China have discouraged couples from having more children, exacerbating the declining birth rates Reuters.
  • Pandemic-Related Effects: Strict pandemic measures and lockdowns impacted birth rates, while a wave of COVID-19 deaths during the pandemic added to the population decline Fortune.
  • Record Low Birth Rate: The birth rate reached a historic low of 6.39 births per 1,000 people in 2023, down from 6.77 in 2022, contributing significantly to the overall population decline in US News.
  • Demographic Challenges: Experts are concerned about the aging population and potential labor shortages resulting from the falling birth rate, posing long-term economic and social challenges on NBC News.
  • Economic Challenges: Economic factors may also play a role, as couples might be influenced by economic uncertainties and choose to delay or forgo having children Financial Express.

Several factors in 2023 further dampened the enthusiasm for childbearing in China:

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  • Youth Unemployment: The youth unemployment rate soared, reaching a record high of 21.3% in June 2023 for those aged 16 to 24 Trading Economics.
  • White-Collar Wage Decline: Wages for many white-collar workers fell, contributing to economic uncertainties and potentially influencing family planning decisions Investopedia.
  • Crisis in the Property Sector: A crisis in the property sector, with impacts on housing prices, may have influenced couples’ decisions to delay having children Modern Diplomacy NBER.

These factors collectively contributed to a challenging environment, potentially reducing the willingness of individuals to start or expand their families in 2023.

To illustrate China’s population decline, let’s examine the key data points:

  • Population Decrease: China experienced a second consecutive year of population decline in 2023, with a total drop of 2.75 million people.
  • Record-Low Birthrate: The birth rate hit a record low, contributing to the overall population decrease.
  • COVID-19 Impact: The decline was exacerbated by a wave of COVID-19 deaths during strict lockdowns.
  • Accelerated Decline: The decline accelerated in 2023, indicating long-term growth concerns.

For a visual representation, please refer to a graphical overview of China’s population decline, which may include a timeline of population changes, birth rates, and the impact of external factors.

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