Allegations Against Shiv Sena Workers for Using Dummy EVM: Latest News

Overview of the Incident

On Monday, the Mumbai Police detained three Shiv Sena (UBT) workers in Kanjurmarg for allegedly using a dummy electronic voting machine (EVM) near a polling center. The police registered a non-cognizable offense, allowing the individuals to be released after initial detention. This incident has stirred considerable controversy and debate within the political landscape of Mumbai.

Allegations and Police Actions

The Duplicate EVM

A senior police officer reported that the Shiv Sena workers created a duplicate EVM. This device reportedly displayed a symbol on the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machine, which is designed to confirm voter selections. The presence of the symbol on the VVPAT has raised suspicions about potential voter influence tactics.

The Influence on Voters

The same senior police officer alleged that these workers used the dummy EVM to influence voters by directing them to press the third button. Such actions, if verified, would constitute a serious violation of electoral laws and could undermine the integrity of the voting process.

The Election Commission’s Response

An official from the Election Commission (EC) lodged a formal complaint regarding the incident. Following this, the Mumbai Police registered a non-cognizable offence, which typically involves minor offences that do not warrant immediate arrest or an investigation without a magistrate’s order.

Reactions and Statements

Police and Election Commission

The prompt action by the police and the EC reflects the seriousness with which they are treating this incident. Ensuring fair and transparent elections is paramount, and any attempts to influence voters unduly must be addressed with appropriate legal measures.

Shiv Sena’s Defense

Sunil Raut, a leader from Shiv Sena (UBT), refuted the allegations. He asserted that their activities were compliant with electoral rules, emphasizing that their table was set up approximately 300 meters away from the polling station. According to Raut, the workers were merely using cardboard cutouts to guide voters, not engaging in any form of electoral malpractice.

The Broader Implications

Electoral Integrity

Incidents such as this underscore the importance of maintaining the integrity of the electoral process. The use of dummy EVMs near polling stations can lead to significant mistrust among the electorate and tarnish the democratic process. It is essential that all political parties and their workers adhere strictly to electoral guidelines to ensure free and fair elections.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

The legal framework governing elections is designed to prevent any form of voter manipulation. The use of dummy EVMs, if proven, not only violates these laws but also raises ethical questions about the lengths to which parties might go to secure votes. Upholding these standards is crucial for the legitimacy of the electoral outcomes.

Voter Education

This incident highlights the need for continuous voter education. Voters must be aware of their rights and the proper functioning of EVMs and VVPATs to identify and report any irregularities. Enhanced voter awareness can serve as a deterrent to such practices and strengthen the overall electoral system.


The incident involving Shiv Sena (UBT) workers and the alleged use of a dummy EVM near a Mumbai polling center has brought to light critical issues surrounding electoral integrity and voter influence. While the police have taken initial steps by registering a non-cognizable offence, the reactions from various stakeholders underscore the need for strict adherence to electoral laws and robust measures to prevent any form of malpractice. Moving forward, it is imperative for electoral bodies, political parties, and the public to collaborate in safeguarding the democratic process.

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